The Year of Billy Miller

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Author & Illustrator: : Kevin Henkes

Genre: Children’s Lit, Fiction

Publisher: Greenwillow Books, Harper Collins Publisher: New York, NY 2013

Awards: John Newbery Honor Book Award 2014

Themes: School projects, family, public speaking, sleepovers, family, friends

Summary: Billy Miller is anxious about second grade. He feels like he needs to grow up or be older in second grade. His mother is a high school teacher, he has an annoying little sister, and a stay at home artist of a Papa. Through his daily routines of school projects, homework, playing with friends, and helping around the house, Billy Miller starts to take control of his own actions and becomes more responsible. One way he does this is by starting to call his ‘Papa’ , ‘Dad’. See what other ways Billy Miller matures in this heartwarming real life adventure of second grade.

Response: Describe one of the main characters. How did the author make this character unique and believable?

One of the main characters, besides Billy Miller, is his sister, Sal. She is a believable character because Billy talks about how annoying she is. She is carefree and has a wild imagination. Her age and her creativity are shown throughout the story. Her relationship with her dad is also believable because she is a papa’s little girl. She likes to have fun and be silly which contrasts with her older brothers desire to be more mature.


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