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Author & Illustrator: Raina Telgemeier

Genre: Autobiography (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Scholastic: New York, NY 2010

Awards: Eisner Award 2011

Themes: Puberty, Change, Friendship, Teasing, Maturity, Talents

Summary: Raina has to get braces which is embarrassing enough, but then she trips and her teeth become a more complicating story. Raina has a lot of physical and emotional changes happen to her throughout middle school and high school. She comes to find out that she is not the only one going through them and it may just turn out to be alright.

Response: Describe one of the main characters. How did the author make this character unique and believable?

This is an autobiographical story which tells me that the stories are true accounts; therefore, the character is real! I love how the author illustrates and shows through the graphic images the process of her teeth changing, getting acne, her body developing, and even her interests shifting. The author does well to depict her own life, but also in a way that most girls can relate to once having gone through middle and high school. The character is your average school girl and how she discovers herself and makes a way into the young adult world.


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