El Deafo

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Author & Illustrator: Cece Bell

Genre: Autobiography (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Amulet Books, Abram Books: New York, NY 2014

Awards: Newberry Award

Themes: Sickness, Hearing Loss/Deafness, Friendship, Hardship, Superpower

Summary: Not all people who are Deaf, were born Deaf. Many, like Cece, became sick at a young age and began to loose her hearing. Doctors were involved to assist and made her hearing aids. This helped her, but now she has wires coming out of her ears and other parts strapped to her chest. She can hear what the teacher is saying in the classroom or anywhere in the school. She has a superpower now and discovers how to adapt to this new part of her life while maintaining and having new friends.

Response: What values were conveyed through this book? How were these values or social views conveyed to the reader?

Cece conveys a lot of her early experiences in life through this graphic novel. One of the themes she touches on is friendship. For a portion of the story she has a bossy friend. The girl is pushy and tell Cece what to do and what to wear. Then when another friend come along she treats Cece differently because of her hearing aids and talks louder and slower. By reading this graphic novel, it shows the various perspectives of how typically people respond to those who are Deaf or hard of hearing. It is often not meant to be rude, but a misconception. The author’s story shows the value of friendship and acceptance. True friendship allows a person to become who they really are and do what they are capable of no matter the circumstances.


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