The Seventh Wish

Image result for The Seventh Wish awards

Author: Kate Messner

Jacket Illustrator: Nicole Gastonguay

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books 2016

Awards: Given great reviews

Themes: Addiction, Support, Wishes

Summary: Charlie is out ice fishing with the neighbors and secretly catches a wishful fish. She makes a wish and it works! Typically a genie grants you three wishes, but this fish gives more. She wants the best for her family and friends, but difficult times are ahead of her. A family crisis hits and Charlie is unsure what to do and how to feel. Torn between the real world and her wishing world, she learns that a wish is not always the answer.

Response: Describe one of the main characters. How did the author make this character unique and believable?

Charlie is the main character, Abby’s little sister. Although a fictional story, Charlie’s sister becomes addicted to heroine. Charlie is a very believable character because she starts off with complete admiration of her sister. She idolizes her. When Abby goes off to college and stops responding to her texts Charlie starts the stages of grief. The process in which the author makes Charlie go through separation and grief when the addiction is known is very accurate with what a younger sister would experience.


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