Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom

Image result for turning 15 on the road to freedom

Author: Lynda Blackmon Lowery

Illustrator: PJ Loughran

Genre: Informational/ Nonfiction

Publisher: Penguin Random House LLC

Awards: Robert F. Sibert Honor Award 2016

Themes: Justice, Segregation, Marching, Overcoming, Strength, Community, Hardship

Summary: A young child is yet to turn fifteen, but has been jailed many times because of her strength and determination to march against segregation. Her will power and grandmother’s voice keep her pressing forward for the fight to freedom. This story will inspire you to be determined in a way to overcome your fears, in order to change the world.

Response: What elements of the author’s style and language drew you into the book? Explain and give examples.

This nonfiction-informational text had multiple layers to it. The first is that it incorporates music sung that united people together to form a stronger community and spirit to fight for freedom. The book includes images that are sketched as well as real life pictures taken from that time and event. There are true stories of characters listed at the end of the book. The way that the author weaves together the various elements is beautiful and allows the reader to have a well rounded understanding of that time period and event. I very quickly was drawn into the story because of the layers of text, heartwarming, and inspiring story.


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