Mr. Wuffles

Author & Illustrator: David Wiesner

Genre: Nonfiction

Publisher: Clarion Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: Boston, NY

Awards: Caldecott Honor Award 2013

Themes: Favorites, games, escaping, fixing

Summary: Mr. Wuffles has a favorite toy to play with. He chases it around when he realizes there is something special about this toy. It is more than just ordinary. This wordless picture book shows why Mr. Wuffles had a favorite item to play with over all others.

Response: Respond to the design and layout of the book. What do you think of the design of the cover design, size of the book, font, spacing, and visual elements?

I love the options of all the toys the cat had to play with in the images. The way the person had bought a new one, when the cat had a favorite. I can picture that in my mind of pets I know who have a favorite toy even though the owners buy so many. I like the wordless book with only shapes as voices for the aliens from the spaceship. The visuals give context and detail to the story in order to follow along section by section. The book is colorful and creative.


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