The Adventures of BEEKLE The Unimaginary Friend

Image result for Beekle

Author & Illustrator: Dan Santat

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company; Boston, NY 2014

Awards: Caldecott Award 2015

Themes: Loneliness, Being proactive, Companionship, Adventure

Summary: Waiting patiently every night, he is hoping to be picked and be given a name. When he is never picked he decides to do something about it. He goes on an adventure and does the unimaginable. Read to go along the adventure of finding the perfect match and being given a name. That name is Beekle.

Response: How did the book make you feel? How does it relate to your own experiences? Did you make any connections to other books you have read?

Beekle’s emotions are explicitly displayed through the words and imagery in this story. I felt what he was feeling. When he was lonely, I felt sad. When he was adventurous, I felt energized. When he found his match, I felt satisfied. I think about how much someone’s name identifies who they are. I pair that with the identity you have from your friends and family. I related to this book, based off of all the emotions you experience in life and how joyous it is when new life begins (a new baby and/or a change in heart). This book reminded me of the movie Inside Out with the different emotions, imaginary friend, and life adventures.


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