Last Stop on Market Street

Image result for last stop on market street

Author: Matt De La Pena

Illustrator: Christian Robinson

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: the Penguin Group, NY 2015

Awards: Caldecott Award 2016 , Newberry Award 2016, Coretta Scott King Award 2016

Themes: Perspective, Optimism, Beauty in Diversity, Social Economic Status, Respect, Helping other, Kindness

Summary: Why don’t we have this? How come we can’t have that? Can we do it the way they do it? … These questions might sound familiar to you. Maybe you have asked them yourself because much like CJ you question why the world is the way it is and compare your life to others around you. In this story, CJ has a lot of questions. Nana has a lot of answers. She shows CJ what life is really about and reveals to him the true beauty in this world.

Response: Describe the artwork in terms of style and media. What elements of the illustrations appealed to you? What is the primary medium used in the illustrations? How were illustrations used to tell the story?

The artwork in this book is rather simple. It looks similar to a crayon colored picture. The background is very plain only bringing attention to the main aspect of each drawing. The details come out specific to each page. It may draw attention to the man with tattoos, the blind man, the homeless, etc. The illustrations impacted the depth of the text, sending a more powerful message across about the beauty in life and in diversity.


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