Using film or videos is a great way to engage students. Movies can be used as a pop-culture reference as not only a way to engage, but relate and teach information to students at their level. I can remember a lot of times where portions or all of movies were watched in school that related to a topic we were learning. For example after reading Alice in Wonderland, we went and watched the movie in theatres. For government and economics we watched portions of Hotel Rowanda and in A.P. Literature we watch parts of the Lord of the Rings.

I love when connections are made through multiple means. This semester I have shown YouTube videos to my students. There are parodies of songs that are turned into multiplication facts that the students listen to and memorize. Sometimes they enjoy it and other times they think they are ridiculous, but none the less they are engaged and are memorizing their math facts.

Another way videos can be used is to show student work. Leanne and I recently have done out poetry unit and displayed the poem we wrote as a class through Animoto. This is a video slide program where music and images can be displayed. Similarly to our digital poetry done in this class we have shown our “so much depends upon” poem here. The students loved it! It inspired and motivated them to keep writing!

As I am learning more about the different types of technology, the more I want to incorporate them in my classroom. I am looking forward to the other artifacts my students create.


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