The benefits of teaching technology.

Teachers do not always have to incorporate technology within their classroom. Like on our technology heuristic, there is times where using technology is appropriate and effective and other times where it may be better to use other materials. In this generation, however, I think it is detrimental to not use technology regularly. In most, if not all work fields there are elements of technology and they are increasingly becoming more complex. There are many reasons and ways to incorporate technology in a classroom. The website here gives ten reasons that using technology can benefit a child.

A teacher can teach collaboration, extend learning about diversity, and keep students engaged. The students can also learn how to look up information. This is important, because anything can be on the internet. Websites that are not research based can look convincing. A tool a teacher can teach is how to know if a website is research based and factual. They can also teach the difference between a blog post that is an opinion from the writer versus a scientific study. Students will learn independence and responsibility by caring for the technology provided.

There are many benefits to teaching how to use technology and the students learning from it. I am continuously learning new ways to use technology and seeing the results from it.


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