Teaching Technology and Literacy

I heard a story once that was heartbreaking.

An elementary school class was in the computer lab doing an activity about a holiday. The students were having fun working away at the activity, except for three little boys. They were talking and doing stuff off task. The teacher began to get mad at them and started to take away their computer privilege. The teacher got frustrated at the boys off task and said something along the lines of, “My kindergartners can do this, why can’t you?” Immediately two of the boys got back to work. The third boy sat their frozen.

Come to find out, the third boy did not have access to a computer at home, much less internet. Humiliated by being compared to a kindergartner, he had his head slumped the rest of the day. The teacher said he already has a low self-esteem and has difficulty in school…and home, that was the last thing he needed to have heard or be told in front of his classmates.

After hearing that story, I started to think more about teaching technology literacy. Some students will amaze you by the amount of knowledge an quick skill they have on multiple technologies. Others have no idea and the difference between a phone, PC, or Mac will confuse them even more. The article I have attached to this gives 10 tips on how to integrate technology centers into a class. It teaches content and also has useful ways to allow time for the students to get used to the technology. I love the variety of ideas it offers.


Digital literacy is important to teach like in this blog written.


Understanding students, where they come from, what prior knowledge they have and teaching from their is very important. School is a time to teach. It is a place for students to learn how to become technology literate among all other subjects.



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