I am from

I am from a feather duster

from a water filter and granite counters.

I am from the bars on windows

rough, rigid, cold – but common.

I am from the black iris.

The olive tree

whose long gone limbs I remember

as if they were my own.

I’m from chocolate gravy and games

from Baba and Mama.

I’m from reflecting and prayer

and from forgiveness.

I’m from have fun and don’t get hurt

and ahlan wa sahlan.

I’m from airports.

I’m from Jordan, Switzerland, and the Cherokee tribe.

Shwarma and Falafel,

From my mother’s illness

and my family’s support.

The time we spend together

anyhow anywhere

Is always a reason to celebrate!


2 thoughts on “I am from

  1. I loved reading your “Where I’m From” poem, Sonya! There’s descriptions and language I don’t recognize, but I can tell how much it means to you-that is lovely. What you wrote has given me an idea- I think it would be neat to connect with a class or lots of teachers around the country/world to read each others’ “Where I’m From”s to talk about different backgrounds and cultures through poetry!


  2. This is beautiful Sonya! I love how you added language specific to you. It’s fun to read the many things that you remember from your past and what shaped you into who you are. It’s also very cool that you are familiar with your heritage! Thank you for sharing your “I am From” poem!


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