More Poetry!…

I Am a Fox

I imagine my life in the wooded wild.

I make my home in the bristly bushes.

I appear to be a native.

I wonder if other foxes know I am a fraud?

I’m known for my past because I don’t fit in yet.

I hear the birds calling back and forth to each other; whistles all around.

I see trees blowing in the wind.

I want to be a part of the wild.

I excel at seeking out adventure.

I am predisposed to pounce on prey.

I am a fox.


In my ecosystem, the soldier you will find is the only remnant of home.

I question if my boy misses me?…is he looking for me?

My family saved me; my second family that is.

I feel torn between two worlds.

I touch the toy soldier as a reminder of him.

You probably didn’t know this, but I intently watch my surroundings.

I worry about my boy and what he is doing.

I cry when I allow myself to feel.

For me, communication happens with my boy and fox.

Like you, I understand the need of a family.

I am a fox.


I sound like a small pup.

I believe I am much bigger.

Unlike my kind, I’ve been domesticated.

Every day I discover ways that I am not.

I dream that I return to Peter.

I try to look for tracks.

My greatest threats are beasts in the woods and thinking of the state my boy is in.

I hope my boy is looking for me too.

In the wild, I discover more of who I was created to be – who I could have been.

But in captivity, it is truly home.

I am a fox.


Who am I?

I am all around,

but you hardly notice me.

I hold myself together

in the sky, I can be

streaky, buffy, or fluffy.


You may see me as clear

as crystals as soft as

snow or as hard as hail.

I tumble down and fall

from the sky.


I gather in bowls

and bring life to all.

I come make my way

to an even greater bucket.

I then, in the heat, make my

way back up in the sky.


You see, I go around and around.

Who am I?


Blackout Poetry


Language Arts – TAKR

My favorite part of this chapter is the art exhibit hung low to the ground. The walking on knees part may be a little uncomfortable; however, the sitting part and slowly moving around is appealing to me. I have been to many museums and art exhibits around the world. When I was younger, they would bore me easily. I appreciated the fact that my dad would take pictures of the signs and read them later because we did not have the patience to read every word. The older I have gotten, the more interested I am in learning new information and the art behind it.

One time I went to an exhibit in Belgium with some friends. One friend in particular was a graphic designer and just had an eye for art. She could critique and admire the details I never would have thought about on my own. I remember her talking about the different types of strokes, the angles, the color schemes, etc. It blew my mind! I’m the kind of person who loves to stand and look at a piece that catches my eye, study it for a while and learn about it then walk and glance for a while at a few until the next major piece catches my eye. If I did like TAKR mentions, I would appreciate, learn about, and enjoy much more art on a deeper level as I rest on my knees.


Rosenthal, A. K. (2016). Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal. New York, NY: Penguin Random House.



One thought on “More Poetry!…

  1. Sonya,

    I enjoyed reading about your unique experiences in Belgium! I think I would enjoy learning about art with someone who was a talented and knowledgable artist, too. I think about the way this applies to teaching – our students just want to learn from someone who loves what they’re learning more than most humans. This, for me, is how I think about art and the TAKR perspective.


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