If you would have asked me what my dream job was a couple months ago, I would have said in an adapted classroom one-hundred percent. Now that I am teaching in a resource classroom I have grown fond of it as well. I enjoy teaching my kids and learning how to teach them better every single day. It’s not that my passion has changed, but that it is broadening. The more I am learning about being an effective teacher who uses best practice while building relationship with the kids gets me more excited and I look forward to going to work each day.

An aspect of my job that I am figuring out now is my relationship with the general education teachers. I am learning my role in how to teach the students when they are with me and how to support them when they are in their general education courses. For a group of my students they use two pieces of technology to support them in reading. The first is an iPod. The iPod has a recording of the book, so that the students can listen to the audio while following along in the book. The students really love this because they can stay focused with the head phones in their ears and get the added context with the voice inflections and accents. The second piece of technology they use is a Kindle. Their is audio for it as well; however, we were seeing some complications where it would skip over words or mispronounce some large words. It would confuse the students. When I asked the students which technology item they preferred, they all said they liked the iPod.

There are pros and cons to both types. The iPod is wonderful in that the students can listen to the book independently and have great audios. The iPods are getting old and the students would need to have a hard copy of the book as well. The Kindle is beneficial because there is an uncanny amount of books that can be on the Kindle and no one would have to know what grade level the students are reading on. The cons are that the audio may not always read the words clearly. Both are a helpful piece of technology that is helping the students in the general education setting.

I am enjoying getting more familiar with the technologies accessible at my school and their impact on the students’ education. The iPod and Kindle are just a couple of the resources I have seen positively affect their time in the general education setting.


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