My Writer’s Notebook

This morning I caught myself flipping through my writer’s notebook. I was looking at the different objects I have taped in it, noticing the words I had written in bold, the times I wrote in Arabic, the stories I felt worth writing down, and the pictures to go along with it. Some of it is funny to think about. Other stuff is mundane and would have typically ended up in the trash somehow found its place in my notebook. Here are a couple of the things I noticed.

First, I somehow drew two heart maps forgetting that I had already drawn one. I was trying to figure out which one I liked better and decided next time I will just draw a bigger heart.

There is a piece of a pompom taped in my notebook from the Appalachian vs. Miami game. Not much to talk about, but an experience worth noting. The most hype in the game was a touch down that didn’t happen, haha!

I have an entire stick man drawing the time my roommate’s boyfriend picked up a worm that was in our apartment and took it outside for us.

I have the words written “Teach them God’s love” written in Arabic because I wrote that for a friend one time and she now has it tattooed on her arm. I got to go with her when she got it done.

I have a haiku about my roommates bun and the drawing alongside it looks like a clay jar.

I have flowers taped in my notebook because who doesn’t love a pretty flower?

I enjoyed going through my notebook and it made me curious about other people’s journals. Reliving some stories from this past semester definitely brought on some laughter. I am looking forward to truly launching some writer’s notebooks with my classes (or future classes) as a way for the students to write, express, and inspire as having a writer’s notebook has allowed me to do.


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