How to Inspire?

I have a bulletin board up in my classroom. I made it look like a bi envelope. It has a white piece of paper as the background and then has blue and red alternating slanted rectangles around the border. There is a black line that runs down the middle. In the top right corner there is a stamp. On the bottom right side, where the address would go is three black lines. On those black lines it says,

“What you write

might just change

the world.”

When I think about all of the students I have had, which includes everything from mild to profound disabilities, the first thing I want to do is build a relationship with them. The second thing is that I want them to have a meaningful and purposeful life. This includes learning how to read and write. Reading and writing is so embedded into our daily lives that many of us take for granted. It is communication, job skills, and a voice. Reading and writing, also going back to my first goal, is a way for me to get to know my students.

In class and through articles we have read this semester I have been learning a lot about how to teach through using technology, especially when it comes to reading and writing. Technology is motivating to students. Having E-pals to write to or using apps that teach phonemic or other skills are effective ways to practice or interact with students to help them learn the foundations of reading and writing. Investing the time to help children with disabilities to put their thoughts down on paper, or on a screen, will open up who they are and change their, but also other people’s lives.

As mentioned in the blog post before, I grew up with limited technology and always learned them a little later than most of my friends had in the states. Now as I continue to learn about technologies more rapidly and am having more access to it, I hope to incorporate them more within my classroom, especially to help my students develop the skills and passion to write.


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