Romance Language

Like most girls, I enjoy a good love story. I think that it is so fascinating to hear how people meet and fall in love. It is more often than not a series of serendipitous events. The story of Ana and Pete in the Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a prime example of this. What are the odds that they meet, become best friends, have that connection with the number 27, and the repetition with  the Taj Mahal in India. It is a fun and a beautiful story. There are many other love stories that I admire with couples that are responsible, mature, spontaneous, adventurous, and loving of one another and others.

Here are a few stories that are beautifully serendipitous in nature:

The girl engaged. The guy praying to be single. Guy invites girl and fiance to a singles Bible study because technically they are still single. Girl breaks it off with fiance. Girl and guy start dating and get married. That’s my parents for you.

Ferris Wheel guy sees a friend with her roommate. He looks at the friend’s roommate and thinks, “She’s the one.” They started to get to know each other on a road trip with friend third wheeling in the backseat. They date. They get engaged September 23, 2016. Couldn’t be happier for my roommate Melissa!

Movie maker from Florida goes to school in Winston, NC and films a movie in Waxhaw, NC. Girl works at an ice cream shop during the summer. Movie maker gets ice cream after a shoot. Girl later locks up shop and gets in her car with boss. Movie maker feels the Lord tell him to talk to girl. He knocks on window and says, “I just felt like I am supposed to tell you that you are beautiful and that I am praying for you.” They are happily married in L.A. now.

Motorcyclist guy from Nebraska and girl who grew up in Ethiopia meet at an airport in New York. He rides his motorcycle to North Carolina to meet her family now in Greensboro. Girl rides on the back of his motorcycle with him. They get married and move to the Middle East. That’s my best friend’s parents.

My best friend tells me about her first date with her now husband. They road over a bridge looking at a sunset on his motorcycle.

Girl student teaches and hangs out with cooperating teacher and family on snow days. Guy is a chef and used to be in cooperating teacher’s youth group. Guy and family reconnect. Cooperating teacher says, “You need to meet my student teacher.” Girl is introduced to guy by cooperating teacher. A short time later guy and girl are at the same event that neither were supposed to be at. Guy asks girl for number. Guy and girl go on a date and have dinner watching the sunset on the deck guy just built at his new house. The rest is history. That is the start of my own love story.


Rosenthal, A. K. (2016). Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal. New York, NY: Penguin Random House.


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