My Technology Experience in School

I grew up in a small school that averaged around 100 students in first through twelfth grade. It is an international Christian school that represented about twenty nationalities. It was an apartment building that they turned into a school. It originated as two home school families and grew into what it is today. Having said all of this, it is not a wealthy school and does not receive funding from the government because it is a private school.

The technology in my school changed overtime and considering its situation, stayed fairly current. In elementary school we had a typing class. We used a program that had lessons you had to pass to go onto the next. To pass you had to type at least at a certain rate and with a certain amount of accuracy. There were also fun games that made it more entertaining. I loved it when our computer teacher gave us free time on the games. We had a computer in each classroom and would use digital cameras or other smaller forms of technology for projects.

In middle school we had to get our International Computer Driver’s License. This is a seven part program that had modules for each aspect of Microsoft. This computer class was more intensive and we had new computers that were flat screened.

In high school, out projects involved using the internet for most research. Each classroom also had a projector in the classroom, which the teachers used daily for instruction.

When I got to college I started hearing about how my school got SMARTboards and a case of iPads for teachers to check out.  I was introduced to all of the newer pieces of technology in college. I was taught how to use some aspects of technology for instruction, but not enough to feel proficient at the task. I tell you about my exposure to technology growing up to set up my future blog posts about my experience with technology as a teacher in the classroom and what I am learning about its advantages and possible disadvantages in the classroom.


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