Everyday life as a(n)______________

“You don’t really see chubby symphony conductors.” (Rosenthal, 2016)

I have never thought about that. Now that I have, I can’t think of a single symphony conductor that is chubby. What does every day life look like for a symphony conductor? I imagine an individual being very disciplined. They probably get up at sunrise and go to a conservatory to practice many different types of instruments, because in my mind they have to be an expert at all of them. They sit for hours practicing, then later in the day stand on that little platform and wave their arms around at all of the musicians for another few hours. Somewhere in this they eat and they surely have a prompt bedtime. The next day it starts all over. This is not an active lifestyle at all. How are they all so slim? Maybe they don’t eat much or maybe they just eat super healthy. I need to meet a symphony conductor.

There is a part in the Mentor’s Text about a Writer’s Cafe. The teacher says something along the lines of tomorrow the students doing exactly what writer’s do, which is taking their notebooks and pencils outside and getting inspiration elsewhere by what they see, hear, smell, etc. The sentence that says, “going to do exactly what writer’s do” caught my attention (Mentor Text, 2007). I clearly have limited knowledge on what symphony conductors do, so how am I supposed to know what writer’s do?

I have to say I am in the process of learning what that is. I am learning that writers get ideas from reading other books. They look at text through the eyes of a writer and not just a reader. I am learning that they change their environment and use different materials. They sketch, they bullet point, and they use quotes. Writers can kind of do whatever they want and no one can tell them they are wrong. I am learning to become a writer. It may not be my profession, but I think I have a glimpse into a day in the life of a writer. Sometimes words flow out and other times their is writer’s block. They can work anywhere and write about anything. Being a writer is more common than a symphony conductor and their stereotypes are different. I’ll meet a few published writer’s and then I’ll let you know what funny common denominator I learn about them.


Dorfman, L.R., & Cappelli, R. (2007) Mentor Texts. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers.

Rosenthal, A. K. (2016). Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal. New York, NY: Penguin Random House.


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